Monday, November 1, 2010

Share your story

So I went back to work today and had to share my outrageous Delta travel stories with everyone in the office. I was amazed that everyone I spoke with had a similar story to share about their mis-adventures with Delta. The story that beat everyone was that just last week, one of my co-workers' flights was delayed due to mechanical issues. Unfortunately, her mother, who is a diabetic, was unable to access her insulin, and Delta forced her to remain on the plane while it sat motionless on the tarmac. She actually had a minor heart attack, and the paramedics had to care for her on the plane.

I don't think my co-workers are the only individuals that have some story about a vacation or travel plan gone wrong due to Delta. Please share. Remember, my goal is to gain enough public sentiment that Delta would go out of business.


  1. Tried to purchase a ticket (4 tickets, actually) on Delta's web site. After 7 attempts using different computers and browsers (and getting all the way thru the lengthy form) I received an error messag; unable to process. Of course, I called the online help number. The amazing thing was I was then required to all the wY through the same process until getting to the error message before the agent would agree to help me by booking the tickets for me at the online price. Like I was lying or something.

    Simple rule of marketing: don't make it hard for your customers to buy from you.

    I hate Delta.

  2. I live in Cincinnati which has been decimated by this airline. I actually moved to the city because this was such a great airport to fly out of. I've been a road warrior for 13 years and up until the merger, this airport and airline served me well. Since the merger and the all but complete pull out of this airline and the intentional campaign on Delta's part to keep this the most expensive airport in the country to originate a flight, I've added at least 10 hours per week trying to get to my destinations. I've been rewarded by incredibly bad attitudes and decisions. The FAA should shut this excuse for an airline down post haste and save us all. In the last 2 days I've had two flights delayed due to a bad decision made by a crew that was timing out and now a maintenance issue that they knew about this morning but didn't share with the passengers until we were already at the airport. They continue to show why they are consistently rated poorly for customer service.

  3. I know exactly how you all feel. I have multiple Delta horror stories from canceled flights to their abysmal customer service.

    Just one tidbit from my most recent Delta nightmare. The flight was canceled due to plane maintenance issues. Completely Delta's problem. They then proceeded to lose 50 bags on the plane and refused to give out tracking numbers. When passengers rebooked with another airline, Delta refused to follow up on the missing luggage, saying it was the responsibility of the airline that they rebooked on. BUT THAT AIRLINE NEVER HAD THE BAGS TO BEGIN WITH.

    Delta has no respect for their customers. It is shocking to me why people are still flying Delta.

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