Monday, November 8, 2010

1-800 Kiss My A**

If you've ever walked around a Delta terminal (Hartsfield, Laguardia, Cincinatti, etc.), you'll notice Delta has completely abandoned the notion of hiring human beings (a great economic stimulator). Instead, Delta has installed telephones, which connect you directly to their 1-800 service (1-800-221-1212 -- I know have it programmed into my phone as "F-me Delta"). Also, they have embraced technology by having ticket scanners, which are supposed to let you know that you're flight has been re-booked.

So my flight was recently cancelled due to mechanical failure. Unfortunately, there were several other flights cancelled that day due to weather, which meant nearly 3,000 passengers were being affected simultaneously in one airport. The customer service counter (an oxymoron in itself) had 4 agents to accommodate these passengers, but they were encouraging people to call F-me Delta for faster service.

What a joke. The 1-800 service could not do anything for me that day, and they are anything but apologetic. Delta has completely abandoned the notion of customer service and empowering their agents to make it right. In fact, while I stood in a 3-hour line to have my tickets reprinted and my luggage re-routed (F-me Delta cannot do this over the phone), I witnessed the 4 service agents calling F-me Delta to authorize re-booking.

An absolute waste. Delta has worse customer service than the bathroom attendant at Guantanamo.


  1. How do I post here? I have about 6 or so of these incidents and they happen consecutively...literally, I have NEVER had a good experience with Delta. On fact I'm sitting at a gate waiting for an unnecessarily delayed flight as we speak...basically all the flight attendants are do I post here?

  2. I love the idea of this site, but the format isn't effective enough. Your posts (while always amusing) are great, but you said you only fly about 6 times a year. I have to say, Delta has really worked overtime to make you start this website with that little flying. But it doesn't surprise me and I put nothing past them.

    I called the 800 number this week because they only gave me 50% of my miles on an international flight. The agent was absolutely horrendous. I wish I had recorded the call. She berated me telling me I only deserved 50% of the miles because I flew on a partner airline (which was booked on and had a Delta "DL" Flight number). When I pointed out that specifically disagreed with her (and read it to her because I wasn't sure that she herself was capable), she put me on a 10 minute hold (the 1st of three). Upon returning, she got off her broom and threatened to take away some unrelated bonus miles that I had "incorrectly been granted". I hate this airline. This phone call stirred up such terrible emotions within my soul.

    I actually predicted this would happen before it did when I posted on that I was going to call Delta to straighten out the discrepancy. It's sad when you know it's coming. You pull out the phone to call, but you have to wait until you get 3 pairs of underwear on to take the beating.

    Just imagine how many stories you can get from frequent flyers - you know, the ones that Delta "values". We have some real gems to share...Maybe just a post that has an email address for us to send all of our stories to - you can read them and post them each week - hell, probably each day.

    Keep up the good work. I'm heavily considering switching to Southwest or United even though I am in ATL like you. Means taking a stop anywhere I go, but that will likely land ahead of Delta's nonstop anyway with the constant delays.

  3. I guess what I don't understand is how you can post something about Delta when you have no idea how an airline works. When an airline is impacted by weather often times crews "time out". Flight crews can only work for so many hours a day. Delta cannot just "create" seats out of no where for you to get on. They only have so many planes and if there is bad weather in ATL they can't be there... And ofcourse there is a long wait on hold.. you just said there were 3,000 passengers in that terminal. Delta only has like 200 agents in the airport and way fewer than that over the phone. And of those 200 agents in the airport they have flights that have to be worked that are still on time and do not have time to help you. They are doing you a favor by offering more options instead of waiting in line. You can either wait in line or on hold or both. Most airlines do not offer a service that allows you to be informed without the interaction of an employee ie the scanner machines in the concourse. Would you rather wait in line or on hold or just simply scan ur boarding pass and have the information clearly displayed in front you?? You really should ask a few more questions instead of just jumping to conclusions that Delta sucks. Also, the agents are very stressed. They have 3,000 passengers like you that have no idea how an airline works yelling at them. You would act the same way. And no you don't get miles when on another carrier. These are codeshare flights offered to make your life easier on booking. I bet the flight number was like 9000 or 8000 or something wasn't it. Why would Delta give you miles for money they give to Air France to fly you??

  4. Why oh why did you stop. They are only getting worse. the fares are astronomical and only getting worse. The added fees. The space for the seats is tiny. They give you certificates if you fly often but make it impossible to use them. I hate them so. My husband is a frequent flyer and gets upgraded due to points. I get stuck in the back and still pay a ridiculous amount. I have at least started booking myself an aisle seat so I am not stuck in the middle between two strangers. One time my husband was upgraded and a 400 pound man took his seat - no good deed goes unpunished. I really really really hate Delta.

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